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About the brand, in context


Clean, dynamic, responsive design. Very much like any one of us.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is competing in an unfair market. Every cosmetic product out there claims to make you the most wanted, the most beautiful, the perfect version of you. But most cosmetic products don’t come in outrageous ranges. If the perfect you doesn’t quite fit into the product line that’s now on the market, you’re in trouble.


The brief

Batiste is your go-to solution when there’s simply no time left in the morning to wash your hair. It’s youthful, extremely dynamic and it comes in a variety of flavors. The brief was to build a website that perfectly reflected the brand’s personality and that aggregated their social feeds as well.


What we did


While it’s true for this particular product, “make my site be a perfect portrait of my brand” is not exactly a specific brief. So we started hunting for very visible and recognizable points of difference, both as far as the product is concerned, as well as regarding their visual identity. Now, if you ever held a can of Batiste in your hand, you may have noticed that the font is cursive, that their original package features a slanting background and this gives you the impression of a dynamic feel.

Long story short, we technically “translated” the Batiste package onto their website, while keeping it dynamic with the social feed.

Other gizmos and gadgets:

  • real time social feed plugin
  • store locator – identifies your location and recommends the nearest store where you can buy Batiste


On-site SEO / Web design / Web development

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