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Full online presence management. And a little offline fun

About the brand, in context: Benjamin Moore is a high-end US paint manufacturer and retailer. They are present in … countries and have been running a successful authorized retail in Romania for 11 years. Benjamin Moore Romania had been dealing with exceptionally high and ineffective AdWords expenses and their sales had reached a plateau.

The brief: Looking to grow their business, they wanted a compelling, high converting online presence, to remind people why Benjamin Moore paints are so, so awesome.

To us, Benjamin Moore is a special story, not just because of the results we obtained together, but because they were our very first client. We were operating on a vote of trust that turned into a long collaboration which keeps on going to present day. For this trust, we’d like to publicly thank Benjamin Moore Romania for trusting us from day 1.

Our big idea

  • Originally focusing our SEO efforts on blackboard paint, as a stepping stone for the rest of their online presence boost.
  • Optimizing everything on their website to make sure they’re a steady presence whatever happens in the market.
  • Having their channels communicate distinctly in order to cater to a wider variety of public.

Why we did it like this

Benjamin Moore had been silent online for quite a while save for the spicily priced AdWords campaigns. We couldn’t suddenly put Benjamin Moore all over the place. It could have backfired and we couldn’t take that risk. So we gradually brought back Benjamin Moore Romania, the way we like it. Organically.

First thing first, the product we focused on first – blackboard paint – is amazing. It does everything it says and more.  This is one of their most exciting products, not just to us as marketers, but to their buyers as well. It provides generous room for exploring and that’s exactly what needed to be done. People who hadn’t otherwise heard of Benjamin Moore lately, were suddenly interested in our SEO-friendly articles of what you can do with blackboard paint other than paint walls. And it paid off.

In 6 months, their entire blackboard paint stock was sold. Props go to SEO for this one.

And now there are so many more fun houses to live in in Bucharest. Like this one:

A full list of what we did:


  • Website, suitable for e-commerce upgrades – WP customization
  • Digital Tools – online collaboration tools, personalized CRM
  • SEO – currently ranking 90 words on first page, 28 on first position, and another approx. 200 words trending up
  • Facebook management – currently featuring more than 12K likes after a year of activity
  • Media Relations
  • Event management
  • Branded items
  • Magazine print ads
  • Tutorials

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