Sterimar Nasal Spray is pure, delicate and all-natural, suitable for the entire family, children included. It has no preservatives or synthetic active substance and can be safely used by pregnant women or people who for whatever reason cannot use traditional medication.

Sterimar had been around for decades but its popularity decreased with time. They were competing in a relatively crowded niche, but that wasn’t the biggest challenge. The problem was that there was no conversation about respiratory afflictions. The symptoms were simply indicated, regardless of cause and causes can medically vary. For example, you can have a runny nose because of a flu or because of an allergy. These are entirely different matters. then, there was the problem of pain, indicated with younger audiences. Mothers, you know the drill – kid can’t sit still and will cry like there’s no tomorrow if you need to clean his/her nose. So the website as well as the social media channel – they were both thought out as a big conversation, addressing any questions and pains a user might have, so as to help him/her make an educated choice in terms of nasal sprays to use. See the entire case study post here:


  • 99.000 reach on Facebook
  • from 600 to 7680 page likes in 4 months
  • >10500 post engagements


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