The Gift Shop in the Bucharest Botanical Garden was a really trying, really satisfying project. The Botanical Garden didn’t have a gift shop and Team Work, a hardworking NGO which had been taking care of the garden’s regular cleanups, self funded the entire Gift Shop. The building they had been assigned had not been used in decades (literally) and the layout was challenging to say the least.

The solution was to shape the interior design as a gardener’s workshop and use the merchandise as decoration.

The gift shop can be visited between 1st March and 20th November every year.

Special thanks go to Anca and Silviu, TeamWork’s leaders who were by our side every step of the way, who rolled up their sleeves and helped painting and cleaning the place, who were patient enough through all the strange paperwork involved in working with a state-owned institution.



What we did

Identity Design / Graphic design / Merchandise Design / Interior Design

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