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123mama.ro embarked on a mission to create an innovative and informative platform specifically tailored for mothers, with a particular focus on those new to motherhood. The goal was to develop a resource-rich online hub where trust, clarity, and comprehensive motherhood guidance were paramount. The challenge lay in crafting a corporate identity that not only resonated with this specific audience but also offered a user-friendly and engaging digital experience. The aim was to elevate brand recognition while effectively conveying the company’s commitment to supporting and educating mothers.

Under Raw Ideas’ guidance, this vision was brought to life. We focused on developing a brand identity that reflected the supportive and informative ethos of 123mama.ro. Our strategy was twofold: firstly, we created a visual and verbal identity that echoed the nurturing and knowledgeable nature of the brand; secondly, we produced an array of multimedia content designed to educate and engage mothers.

This new brand identity was consistently integrated across various digital touchpoints, establishing a recognizable and professional presence that quickly became a trusted resource for mothers nationwide. Beyond branding, our team also delved into producing informative and engaging video content. This content served not just as an educational tool but also helped in weaving a narrative that positioned 123mama.ro as a pivotal source of advice and support for mothers, especially those navigating motherhood for the first time.

The outcome was a rejuvenated 123mama.ro, now a standout in its market. The synergy between the carefully crafted corporate identity and the strategic use of video content has not only enhanced the brand’s market position but also fostered a dedicated community of mothers who rely on 123mama.ro for guidance and support.




What we did

 Logo design / Branding / Concept / Video production / Video concept / Custom Web design / On-site SEO /


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