How we work

If you read this far into our website, you most likely want a peek into what it’s like to work with us. We structure every project we tackle into the following 5 stages.

1. Research

Research is key and anyone who tells you anything else is a liar (pants on fire). Imagine a foreign language professor suddenly decides to fix sinks for a living. Just like that. Now imagine the kind of service he’s able to provide. Now imagine what happens to the people who call to have their sinks fixed. Pretty terrible, eh? Don’t make us be that professor. 😉

2. Conceptualization

Conceptualization is a step we perform inside the agency and you only get the neat report with the creative proposal. However, we always keep track of client suggestions and we encourage our clients to be in touch with us and tell us whenever anything major happens to their business, as it will (surely) influence our communication project.

3. Execution 

The execution is our personal craft and we hold on to it tooth and nail. Nothing good happens when interfering with the execution. Ask any programmer.

4. A/B Testing

A/B Testing is not what you think. It’s a process of gradually including a number of features in your (already-built) web page or your app or whatever digital tool we’re working on, and letting the users decide what works for them. So far, it’s deemed the most efficient way to ensure your online presence is going to increase the conversion rate enough for you to make a profit. If this step is not in your contract out of your choice, we’ll do a small version of it anyway, because market feedback is hugely important for both parties. It’s just that instead of thousands of users, you’ll only have a sample of maybe 20.

5. Fine tuning

When all is said and done, and every decision has been made, it’s time for fine-tuning. This is where you get to tell us off as often as you want, for missing charts, typos, or misplaced objects.

6. D-Day

And finally, D-Day. Delivery-Day. That’s our favorite day. It rhymes with Pay-Day.

Service List

Full-speed ahead online campaign

Why you want it: because you care about your reputation and revenue. A gold digging campaign deal, designed to ramp up your revenue and turn your online presence into a conversion machine. Be prepared for A/B testing.

Search Engine Optimization

When you need it: This beautiful crossover between maths and content marketing is something you need to do as soon as you start building your website. SEO lives both on site and off-site. It’s a must for every business looking for a front row seat in the search engine result.

Social Channels Management

Hot stuff. Are you sure?: A social presence is like a dog. You have to interact with it twice a day at least. An unkempt social account will do your business more harm than good, so whenever you feel you can commit, call RSPCA. I mean us. We’re excellent at saving social accounts and converting on them.

Digital Tools

At the forefront of online communication: For the bravest of you out there whose online presence consists of more than a website, get in touch with us for app development, automated systems, customization of existing products and other web wonders.

Special copywriting

Quick fix for big issues: Sometimes everything is perfect except for one little thing that doesn’t convert. Like a webpage, or a Facebook ad, or a longform sales page. Aid conversion and retention with special copywriting. Be prepared for A/B testing.

Branded items

We get it. You’re in love with your brand. – so you want to see stickers everywhere, phone cases, branded everything. Hurray!

Communication and Public Relations

You cannot not communicate. – This is one of humankind’s axioms. But if they don’t like you, they won’t hear you.

Video production

It takes a special kind of crew to figure out what you want, how to best represent your business in a motion picture and how to deliver it to the carefully selected audience you need to tackle. On most days, it doesn’t take a work of art to speak to your people, so why not give Video a shot?