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About Us

We are location independant

This is fancy language for “we don’t have a headquarter” . We don’t believe in it. For you, the client, this is reflected in the price you pay for our services. You pay for our talent and our work, not for our in-office team-buildings. Sweet, huh?

Everybody’s responsible for what they earn

Location independence comes at a price. If we manage our time independently, we’re directly involved in our $$$. We like that power. This power of ours translates into a top quality guarantee for you, the customer.

We take trips to know various publics

Carefully pampered by the big city, we failt to understand the drives of life outside the mighty capital. We could believe the statistics, but stats don’t give the marketer’s juice - the feeling. So every couple of months, we take trips in the country and take the time to speak with various categories of people and learn their verbatim, internalize their experience. We like to think these trips help us acquire wisdom.