good words. good people.

  • All projects we implemented with Raw Ideas were successful. Thank you for your tough nerves, resilience and promptness whenever faced with a tight deadline as well as for your open mind whenever faced with a challenge.  You're a trustworthy partner and tackle your projects in a structured fashion, just we way we like it, just the way we do it everyday. 

    Aura Dumitru Communication Engineer & Partner at MakesensePR
  • “I guess the best this about working with you, guys, was that I felt familiar. It was like getting a tattoo. I came with a ton of information and pieces of good ideas and you gave it all a face I like to show to people. I dig that.”

    Iustinian Ghita Artist
  • ,, When I started working with Raw Ideas, I wanted the graphics to resemble my ideas as much as possible. It was such a relief to see how easily my thoughts found their complements in the team's suggestions, which understood very fast what it was that I wanted. When I think of my collaboration with Raw Ideas, 3 words come to mind: professional, involved and laughs at 11 pm. Keep up the good work, guys!''

    Roxana Alexandru Founder at Self Care Center